"Called in with a warranty claim and Andrea in customer service took good care of me. I had my issue resolved by one of their furniture technicians and they did a great job of it. Thank you Sandy's."

- J Diggity

"Melinda was incredible! She worked with my interior design daughter, Janelle Lazeski and together they put various Natuzzi pieces into an incredible customized design to fit into my new condo without overwhelming the smaller livingroom. The room still looks spacious and the new leather sectional sofa will accommodate several people. My husband and I both love not only the comfort of the Natuzzi, but also LOVE our 2 electric recliners which were incorporated into the leather sectional sofa. now have beautiful looking furniture as well as a custom design with 2 electric recliners..."

-Lorraine J

 "Dining room chairs - I am very impressed with how Dayna from Sandy's has treated my husband and myself. We have purchased a lot of furniture over the years from Sandy's and have always had great service and product. We recently had a problem with one of our leather chairs and Dayna came to our rescue, getting us a matching one with no cost to us. We were extremely impressed as to her treatment of us and would highly recommend this furniture store. We need to replace our leather Natuzzi furniture soon and will definitely be returning to Sandy's to make our next selection. All in all we are very satisfied customers."


"The staff at Sandy's Furniture store in Coquitlam is always extremely helpful and pleasant. They have an amazing showroom of furniture to choose from and great prices to match! I recommend Sandy's Furniture to all my friends and family in Coquitlam."

-Andrea Butler

"My husband and I received fantastic customer service when we purchased our Natuzzi sofa and King bed and mattress from Sandy's. In both cases, our salesperson was helpful (but not too pushy!), the furniture was delivered on time and the prices were competitive. I would highly recommend anyone who's thinking of buying new furniture to visit the Sandy's showroom in Coquitlam. We are very glad we did!"

-Katherine C

"I have purchased several items from Sandy's Furniture, over the years, and I have always had a good experience. Everyone is very helpful, even the guys that delivered the furniture."

-Marie H

"After searching in the Richmond area we headed to United Blvd looking for our new bedroom suite. We began at one end and worked our way up the Blvd. By the time we walked into Sandy's we were feeling a little testy after being harassed by sales people trying to "help" and we were ready for their salesman. Surprisingly we were told to feel free to browse and to let the salesman know if we had any questions. After walking through the entire store, without being attacked by sales staff, we saw many items we liked and two that nicely fit our budget. We found our salesman at the service desk and he quickly determined our first choice was in stock, he answered some questions, we paid and left with big smiles anticipating the arrival of our new suite! The experience was what you want when shopping, no pressure and no hassle. The broad range of bedroom suites available was very helpful in making our final decision. We felt we had seen all we needed to see!!"

- Gerey P

"My husband and I recently purchased our first king size bed from Sandy's. We LOVE it! I haven't felt compelled to ever write a review for a furniture store but our experience with Sandy's sales and service department was unbeatable. We look forward to our next shopping experience!"

-Merilee McCaffery

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